Top 10 photographers

20 September 2016
Top 10 photographers
If you want to take amazing photographs, you can learn a lot by studying pictures from other photographers. Ofcourse this is only my personal top 10, but I know for sure that you can learn a lot from them. The list below includes some of my personal top 10 photographers from who I have learned a lot, take some time and use your eyes to analyse why some photos are remarkably well taken.

 1) Julien Roumagnac

His way of photography is one of a kind. Julien knows how to emphasize drama with the use of his wide angled lens combined with his amazing editing skills. Although he hasn’t uploaded anything lately, I still scroll through his portfolio a lot. As I said before, you can learn a lot by only using your eyes and ask yourself the question what is good about the photo. Some keywords that describe his way of photography perfectly are: dramatic, mystic & urbex.

Julien Roumagnac

Photo Copyright by Julien Roumagnac
Website: www.j-roumagnac.net

2) Max Rive

Just like his grandfather, he has always been passioned about mountains.  When he was 5 years old he was already fascinated by the 100 meter high hills in his home country the Netherlands. A few years later he was the ‘’mountain guide’’ for his parents and brother in the Alps. For me he is the best landscape photographer I know off! The atmosphere in his photos are fenomenal and I recognize his work. A true inspiration!


Photo Copyright by Max Rive
Website: www.maxrivephotography.com

3) Sven Fennema

Sven Fennema is one the most active Urban Exploration photographers I know. He takes photos from an abandoned Italian village as we speak, so that he likes decayed, forgotten and old buildings is pretty clear. His way of photography is really one of a kind. Strong contrasts, original compositions and dramatic scenes are always findable in his work. He also likes to take 360 degrees photos, which gives you a perfect view of all the decayed places in the world!

Sven Fennema

Photo Copyright by Sven Fennema
Website: www.sven-fennema.de

4) Bianca van der Werf

She was born in Den Haag, The Netherlands and studied Architectural Design at the Royal Academy of Arts. She has taken photos from all over the world, but one thing is quite clear, she has her own unique style.
From dramatic portraits to dark landscapes, she always knows how to catch the eye’s attention. “Are these photos real?” are questions you will ask yourself when looking at her photos.

Bianca van der Werf

Photo Copyright by Bianca van der Werf
Website: www.biancavanderwerf.com

5) Colin Homes

Colin Homes uses both digital and traditional film cameras, which you don’t hear very often these days. I call him “the master of long exposure” and when you see his work, you know why I call him so:-). He knows how to work with difficult landscapes very well, which is really hard because you need the right conditions. It is hard to control natural lighting. It seems like the traditional combined with the modern way of photography works pretty well!

Colin Holmes

Photo Copyright by Colin Homes
Website: www.colinhomes.com

6) Fotogravirus

Mathieu Osenga, the creative mastermind behind Fotogravirus (creative name huh?!) is a friend of mine. He is a very nice guy and we have made a lot of Urbex trips together, good old memories! He taught me a lot. He takes his time when it comes to taking creative photos. Because of this you will always discover new fine details. The concept photos are one of a kind!
Hope to plan a new phototrip with him again in the near future.


Photo Copyright by Fotogravirus
Website: www.fotogravirus.nl

7) Kim Høltermand

Kim Høltermand is an award winning, photographer focusing mainly on architecture and landscape. He works for many big clients/company’s and there is a reason for that. His work is one of  a kind! He perfectly knows how to use lines. The keywords minimalism, stylish and modern describe his way of photography perfectly.

Kim Høltermand

Photo Copyright by Kim Høltermand
Website: www.holtermand.dk

8) Fatamanta

Matthias is a series fascinated photographer based in Germany, Dresden. I know Matthias for a long time and he has always been a very active photographer and overall nice guy. I really like the way he takes portraits like in the photo below. The almost classical/painting way of taking photos is really catching the eye’s attention! Check out his portfolio.


Photo Copyright by Fatamanta
Website: www.fatamanta.net

9) Roumagnac

Roumagnac is the brother of Julien Roumagnac (1 in this top 10). Like his brother he has not uploaded new work lately, but his old work is still really good! His way of photography can be described as a nod to reality. A perfect example that good post treatment can emphasize drama. Like he says on his website: “As you probably have noticed, I give much importance to the shooting at post treatment. In the end, the picture is not necessarily a faithful representation of reality but rather my vision of the moment …


Photo Copyright by Roumagnac
Website: www.roumagnac.net

10) David Baker

I don’t know anything about the background of David, but that he can take photos is a fact! Seeing his work is almost like you stand in front of a painting, not knowing if it is real or not. I really like his “Sea Fever” series with only sea photos. Awesomeness!


Photo Copyright by David Baker
Website: www.milouvision.com

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  • So much to learn and so many different types of photography. I’ll never learn it all in my life but learning a little every day helps and makes me happy. Thanks for all you do!

    • Hi Howard! It is almost impossible to learn everything, but at least we can try as best as we can :-). Making progress is making me happy also. Thanks for your comment.

  • I have to write one more comment. I live in Hawaii. My friends and I don’t go out shooting and then we see others taking shots we wouldn’t consider taking. I figured it out, they only have a day or few hours to capture a photograph and my friends and I wait to take a better shot we may never get because the shot doesn’t happen again. You have to shoot. A tourist makes the most of the light ocean, weather and they make a shot.

  • Awesome! I did not know any of these photographers. It is always good to get inspired by others.
    Thank you Jip! Hope to see some new work of you in the near future.

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